Photos To Computer

This PHOTOS TO COMPUTER app is used to quickly copy photos and videos from thephone to the computer, it sorts the copied photos and videos from the phone into foldersaccording to the date of acquisition. Back up your phone with one click.

Back up photos and videos from your phone to your computer
Sorting copies of photos and videos into folders by date of acquisition
Save time, quick and easy to use
Without using a USB cable

Regular use of PHOTOS TO COMPUTER gives you one-click backup of photos and videosfrom your device to your computer. The application sorts the copied photos and videos fromthe phone into folders according to the date of acquisition and thus provides a clear backup ofyour life moments.

To protect your photos and videos, back them up to your computer regularly and you'll alwayshave an up-to-date backup of your device files on your computer. When copying filesrepeatedly, existing files on the computer are automatically skipped.

It is possible to archive photos and videos from several different devices in one folder of aspecific day on the computer, or let each device create its own folder.Just set up a connection to your computer, select the photos and videos you want to copy(backup), click the big button, and that's it, quick and easy.

The application displays a large preview of photos and videos that appear after a long touchon the selected file. During backup, a preview of the currently copied file is displayed.The application is especially useful for devices that do not have an SD card or for users whowant to back up their photos and videos to a computer quickly and easily.

Also suitable for Android Go.

Recommended devices:

Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Nokia One, Motorola, HTC, OPPO, Lenovo, Asus, Sony Xperia,Alcatel, Vodafone.

If you want to make sure you don't lose your photos and videos, back them up (copy them) toyour computer.

The application copies photos or videos to a shared directory on your computer.

On this computer, PC, NAS, you must have a shared directory set to which the photos will be copied.

How to share a directory on MAC OS

How to share a directory on WINDOWS OS

How to share a directory on Linux

Shared directory connection settings include:

1) Nickname of the given connection
2) The computer's IP address
3) Username for access to the directory (for anonymous access it is not filled in)
4) Password of the given user
5) The name of the shared directory
6) Directory name to distinguish other Android phones with the same application

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